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Workaround Viewpath Gantt-Chart Error

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

As I have been asked this for several times: The Google Gantt-Gadget mentioned in the previous posting has a bug. It causes the following Error (Fehlermeldung):

Fehlermeldung (Error message): This gadget has no settings. Missing or malformed url parameter.

To get it to work (Solution to all your problems):
* add a column left of your table
* call header ID
* leave rest of fields blank
* mark table including ID column and headers
* Isert > Chart > Custom > URL =

@ JCS states on “The bug that required a UniqueID field in the Settings area has been fixed.” - it does not seem to be fixed, but with this workaround it works fine.

Thanks to Wildscot for his comment on for the hint!