Workaround Viewpath Gantt-Chart Error

As I have been asked this for several times: The Google Gantt-Gadget mentioned in the previous posting has a bug. It causes the following Error (Fehlermeldung):

Fehlermeldung (Error message): This gadget has no settings. Missing or malformed url parameter.

To get it to work (Solution to all your problems):
* add a column left of your table
* call header ID
* leave rest of fields blank
* mark table including ID column and headers
* Isert > Chart > Custom > URL =

@ JCS states on “The bug that required a UniqueID field in the Settings area has been fixed.” - it does not seem to be fixed, but with this workaround it works fine.

Thanks to Wildscot for his comment on for the hint!

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  1. Viewpath says:


    As I posted on the forum, I am unable to duplicate the error that you mention here. Please contact us at to troubleshoot.

    Some things to try:

    1. Be sure that you are using either Firefox or Internet Explorer. We do not support any other browsers at this time.

    2. Clear your cache, close your browsers, and try again.

    3. If you are using Firefox, go to the Tools menu, choose Error Console, then choose “Clear.” Close your browser and before trying again, open the error console. If it generates an error, please sent the entire contents of the error.

    Considering that no other user has reported a similar problem, I am fairly confident that the error is related to your local machine. Have you tried on a different computer and gotten the same results?

    Any details/screenshots/videos that you can provide will be helpful.

    -Viewpath Support

  2. I have to confess: I can`t reproduce it either: now it works fine again. The very day I wrote this, though, I gave it several tries and it did not work until I did it like this. I’ll ask my students who had problems, too, if my solution worked for them.

    concerning your questions:
    1. I am using Firefox 3.0.5 now and used some Firefox 2 version the first time.
    2. I think I did not try to clear my cache (which is not a bad idea, though ;)
    3. I’ll follow your instructions next time it does not work regularly and let you know.

    Are you sure I am the first one who reports this? There are some others indicating to have problems on your comment list. At least Wildscot seems to have solved it this or a similar way. You could do me a favour, though: the comments on the Googledocs-Site just show the time of posting, not the date. If you ask them to show dates, we can probably figure out if the other people indicating to have problems - and Wildscot - posted before you fixed the ID-bug.

    Thanks for answering and keep going - it is a great gadget and there are not many alternatives around for planning online!

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