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Associate Shell Script with Terminal on MacOSX

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Some days simply seem to be bedevilled. Like the other day, when I tried to start my MAMP automatically configuring the startup script to be launched on system startup by adding it to the System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items list. Now an Xcode window comes up after every system startup showing the code, grinning and making fun of me.

Scrutinizing the internet on that topic was not really an enlightment. I liked the idea of just opening /Applications/MAMP/bin in Finder, click “Open with…” in the context menue and - yes, just choose /bin/bash - because that is what your Terminal is. But you just cannot choose it. It’s locked, greyed out, cannot be selected. Stuck again.

Even if you start your f***ing Finder from the Terminal as sudo you will not be able to choose it.
I’m lost. Ideas anyone?